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Singer/Songwriter Videos

I Feel Free

with Michael King

I had the seeds of this arrangement floating around in my mind for years; I always loved this Cream song.   Finally got together with Michael King and we made it happen.   

So Romantic - Laura Creamer

When you meet someone and the attraction is so strong that you just want to feel their body against yours, and yet you don't want to be too forward.......what can you do?  Well, how about a dance?

The Celtic Project

My long-time co-writer Liz Vidal got inspired to create some wonderful Celtic lyrical stories, and brought them to me. These two songs, "Your Mistake" and "The Key", are what Liz and I wrote with those ideas.  Thanks to Dorian Chea, who joined us on "Your Mistake" and to Larry Treadwell, who joined us on "The Key".

Your Mistake - Laura Creamer

The Key - Laura Creamer

Thomas Dolby live in Florida with Laura Creamer and others. Laura narrating.

I've always loved this Gershwin tune "I've Got a Crush On You"

Here's my version.....


Publishing and Production

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